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Firstly, one of the major parts of learning PUA is approaching women, I mean alot of women and field testing your techniques etc to get comfortable approaching. The problem with many men Final Recap of All (6) Tips. 1: Take your time messaging & keep her guessing as to when you’ll message her next. (The less of something VALUABLE you have, the more you want it.) 2:  · PUA Forum CHAT FAQ Search My Profile Videos Events Contact Us Logout. My Ultimate Guide to Online Dating. 1; 2; Next; Users browsing this forum: Bing [Bot] and 2 7 Steps Of Online PU 1. You need to pre-plan two things: One is a second venue to take her to if you like her. A venue change IS key. Two, I 2. Greet her, then sit down with your friends. Pua Openers; These are just a handful of the popular pua routines from the book, The Game Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists. 5 Points About Learning Pua Routines. Missing: online dating game ... read more

SPECIAL EVENTS EVERY MONTH! PUA life simulator and dating game offers special episodes every month. Download the PUA dating simulator and share which dating story you like the most! Flirt, hookup and date sexy girls! PUA DATING GAME - Be a Playboy or a Gentleman! Play dating stories, make the right choices and decisions! Become the best PICKUP ARTIST👑. Seduce all sexy ladies in the club or meet the true love of your life!

Choose your story and make the right pickup lines! Flirt, charm and take hot girls to a date night. Start the romantic adventure and choose your story! Meet and chat with hot girls in the bar, club or other locations! Enjoy the dating games and make the right choices! Even the tiny decisions can change how the story will end! Flirt and hookup with hot ladies! Learn the rules of THE GAME and become the greatest Pickup Artist PUA of ALL TIME! We are not just the dating sim!

PUA - the Pick Up Artist Story is also a life simulator where you can do much more than just trying to hookup with sexy girls! Create your character and choose your story.

Make the right choices, flirt, seduce ladies, go dating and play mini-games to get energy refill. Yes, you can play basketball, boxing, get in shape in the gym and more! FLIRT AND SEDUCE HOT GIRLS TO GET A KISS Get the hot ladies to fall in love with you! Choose your story and how the chapters will end! Decide which pick up lines are perfect for the romantic adventure! Make the right choices!

Do you have all it takes to pick up the hottest ladies out there? Start all life simulator chapters and interactive stories! Make your move and play the Pickup Artist dating game. Play our dating games and win ladies' hearts! Take them to a date or Get immersed in all the chapters and interactive stories that will blow your mind!

Make the right choices and be a perfect match for any girl there! With PUA - Dating games, you can create romance stories or flirt with hot sexy ladies every night! It's up to you which dating pick up lines you will use!

BE A PICKUP ARTIST — CHOOSE PICK UP LINES TO IMPRESS GIRLS Ladies you met in a bar are too hot to handle? Make the right choices to get them soft. Is your girlfriend sad? Take her on the romantic adventure walk to cheer her up!

Use witty jokes, give her a present or knock her off her feet with your knowledge. PUA — life simulator offers many options to enjoy! It's up to you which choices you will make and how the chapters and interactive stories will end. Take side games like massage, and climb up to be the best Pick Up Artist PUA in Town! Not all ladies are the same! Some like naughty sexy games, while others are more for romance stories! Play smart and choose your story dating pick up lines.

With every girlfriend you get, you'll get more dating games XP points! More points and you become more popular! Get ready for the ultimate dating game experience and master the rules of THE GAME! Workout, hookup, flirt and go dating with as many girlfriends as you can! Play all chapters and interactive stories! Make the right choices to get ladies' attention! BE THE BEST PICK UP ARTIST IN THE CITY! Contact us - support digigogames. Filter Reviews Edit Your Review Write a Review.

All Positive Negative Community Expert 5 4 3 2 1. Much potential May 8, By Jake Rabena. The game wont allow me to link to facebook which is bummer. Now on to the game! Very fun many things to do i am currently level 9 i believe so what i say foes by my experience in the game so far but perhaps maybe put more into what you can do with the job and not just a set amount of money and thats it..

maybe make each different job have its own benefits or even each individual job has its own little mini game you can do up to 3 times a day and maybe receive a little more then do now after completing them each day.

The game is also very fun how ever again you could definitely do more mini games with the everyday stuff in it such as a little guitar hero little mini game for the music skill and etc. The dates i feel like need to be a bigger thing with more action then what you maybe when u succeed you get a change of scenery while on the same date and can lean into more stuff before it cuts out of the date before stuff gets too kinky.

Also its annoying that my date is always by random when i want to go on a date with a certain girl!! Jul 8, By A Google user. The game has great potential. Its accidictive and in most ways original, I would've rated higher but after a certain level you're no longer able to enjoy the game as you hoped you'd be able to. It takes too long to level up, too long to generate dates, etc. I find this game entertaining but feel it lacks long-term success; if it was easier to level up, generate dates, had more mini games, it would be able to take off in a way that allows it to be FULLY successful.

Great Game, Could Have More Potential… Jul 1, By TimothyNC I want to say, going back to this game makes me feel that it really is worth playing after all, pretty much. I liked dating girlfriends and I liked playing the PvP challenges.

I also like that you can get bonus dates after completing a quest. I guess my only few requests, if viable, is that we could get more girlfriends and storylines, as well as new activities or hobbies to explore say if you want to try painting pictures, cooking recipes, or reading books. Sure I like the gym, bar, and art studio where I can work out, make drinks for people, and sing or dance, but I feel like there could be more options to choose from.

And I feel like with that, there could be more girlfriends who are interested in those kinds of hobbies, as well as new storylines to tell. Oct 19, It's a cute game, but it pretty quickly becomes a "resource management" game rather than a "dating" game.

Both energy and money, the two resources, are relatively hard to accumulate and easy to deplete. A fun time-killer, but less engaging than it could be. By YouKnowIt!!! the game is fun i like the game a lot it keeps me entertained n i would like to play it a lot more n longer but the only problem is one u lose energy kind of fast n the energy refill takes forever. You get one energy every 5 minutes when the max energy is it takes a lot to get xp because u have to constantly do activities which once again takes away from your energy which than takes awhile for it to fully refill or to get a good number to u can do more activities in the game.

the opponent vs. but those are all the problems i would say i guess if u put it that way. Mar 15, By John Olier. WAY too much paying to do stuff. You have to wait forever to complete upgrades, or shell out the bucks to gem everything. Forget about several of the progression goals Not putting another dime into this game. It's entertaining and all, but only moderately. EDIT: It's been updated recently, things have gotten better. Challenges are easier and activities are less time consuming too.

Mar 30, By Ryan Carlton. The stories are pretty solid putting you in awkward situations and I love how in depth you get with the characters. The mini games are a cool concept and a bonus to break the monotony of only having a story mode, great.

The cons of the game are that its a very linear path to every story. Instead of the character being like "you" the person actually playing, you have to choose the option the game wants you to pick instead of molding the story and relationship how you want it to be. Pay to win 🤬 more. Oct 28, The game has managed to keep my attention.

It uses the same Skinner box tactics as the rest of the free to play mobile apps to keep you coming back. I am impressed with the creativity put into the story dates. However, I am disappointed that by level 14 it seems like there are no new women to meet.

Maybe once every 2 days you are randomly given the option to have a follow up date. At level 14 I am tempted to stop playing because the dating theme of the game has dissolved and all of the goals seem to be based around leveling up random attributes.

Also, there needs to be a better user interface for communicating with the squad. Right now the only way to speak to squad members is the wall and the lack of notifications of wall activity results in most squad members never checking the wall. All in all the Pua game is a good way to pass time. However, the virtual economy needs to be adjusted as most of the clothing is too expensive. One of the early goals requires you to purchase a boating outfit. The shoes alone cost nearly 2, in game coins.

It will take you 10 days of playing to purchase the shoes with a job paying coins a day and that's not counting the price of having a car and a house. This is obviously a ploy to get the players to spend real money to obtain virtual currency. The best part of the game is the challenge mode.

However, I think that there should be a wider variety of games for the challenges. This is not a game for people seeking instant gratification, and your time could be spent on something a lot more productive. But if you have the time and don't mind performing repetitive operations, you will love this game.

Fun to play but needs improvement Oct 3, By bambieyes I wish there were more date challenges at least 2 or 3 times a day. I do like this game and It would also be cool if it had a female version. Apr 23, The game is a pretty good game but lacks any chances of advancement. The good qualities of the game has been the different dates and scenarios which for many people have never been on a date can actually help their understanding.

Unfortunately, in order to advance to new levels, you have to pay for diamonds which drain your REAL wallet. the game lacks reward campaigns which can help make the game more interesting and could bring more players to the app. See all positive reviews. Apr 24, By Brianna Hunter. This game is very fun and engaging. Its addictive and would have gotten a rating for me if it wasn't pay to win. The microtransactions are damn near tempting me because I'm tired of how it is taking me to get dates and progress through the game.

In game items needed for certain challenges are way to expensive for how little the jobs and other activities pay. Upgrading girlfriends and other things become extremely time consuming too. Give us more money and energy.

This is so money hungry. Ranking system Oct 19, By randomguy While the dates are interesting and the mini games are fine and all, the game feels like it moves a little too slowly. The pvp ranking aspect is my biggest complaint.

To make any progress, you either have to invest days of time just upgrading or pay in order to make progress. Give the players more control over what they can use or find some way to allow players more variation. Or best of all please fix the match making system, facing level 20 cards with level 4s is not gonna get anyone anywhere. Great game needs a lot of improvement Apr 19, By maviviv. But having to leveling up certain traits takes super long and stamina also takes wayyyy to long to refresh.

There are almost no way to get coins unless you pay or do offers which I hate doing which is pretty crazy because the game is centered around coins. It seems like the game just wants you to do the opponent vs. mode which is boring. The ad I saw for this game made it look super fun but playing the game is really not.

Going on dates is super fun. Like super fun. But the longer you play the game the less and less dates I encountered. I wish it was faster to level up traits without paying. I wish the opponent vs. mode was somewhat fun. I wish coins could be gained easier without having to download apps or spend money. And I wish the game was about being a pick up artist and not a level up these traits that takes hours if not days to do. Jun 10, The game is definitely great. I love it and I think the mechanics work.

but the energy system as a whole sucks. I costs too much to lvl your skills up and then you have to wait 5 mins to get one energy, which to go on one date costs 25 so that's one hour and 25 minutes to get 25 energy. and then the money system also sucks it's the same as the energy but worse. you have too lvl up skills. and y'all need to do something and not just say "we will consider your feedback" more.

Tutorial takes way too long, no option to skip Nov 4, By RLeighA. Two minutes of skipping dialogue before it finished. Two minutes. I tried it again and actually read the responses, and it was unreasonably long. Allow an option to skip the tutorial or make it less obnoxiously smothering. Hard to enjoy the game when the first session is nothing but the game forcing you to hurry through a routine without giving you a choice in the matter.

Pay or lose Jun 2, By Owhimpy. As with most the game is programmed to know who spends big money. If you do not spend money to level up then the game matches you against opponents with a far superior advantage to ensure you lose challenges. More 2 bit garbage.

Scroll and you will see where the developers little cronies are told to lie and say it is based on the league you are in. All that matters is the money. Be an idiot and buy fake gems and you will win every match. The game is programmed to know what cards you have and will ensure you play against a simulated opponent with far higher cars. Play for 40 years or give the developers a few grand to build your cards in the 90s and you will play cards in the s. No winning unless you spend BIG which you means you lose.

Fun at first, then you hit the pay to play wall Oct 22, By Red For the first few days, the game is a lot of fun. You have tons of dates, actions, and things to do. Then you hit the energy and coin walls. Simply put, you need increasing amounts to do anything and the game recharge level for both is absurdly low. Come on. Sep 1, By Perri Pierce III. The game itself is quite fun but it does start getting to the point where you're practically forced to either spend money or wait days on end to accomplish the goal.

Resource drops at a low rate, it takes forever for the energy to regenerate and it also takes forever to level. If these things were fixed: it would definitely be rated higher.

Nov 19, Honestly it's a fun game, but it's way too expensive there needs to be a ratings divider I could 've on level 9 with cards and it'll face me off against a guy with a level 45 card that destroys 3 of my cards in one turn it needs to be more level and competitive one who we face it's way too expensive to level up or it takes way too long and it shouldn't be that u have to pay in order to level up a second card if u have multiple cards to level up you should be able to use the time for all of them instead of the cashgrab that forces u to pay for both to instantly finish I've also paid for clothing,house,ride goals that promise a new interaction, then after I complete the goal Lack of fun Dec 1, By LSK Summary: Good design intent, poor execution.

The game is boring after weeks unless you wanna spend real money. The game was clearly designed for guys and it was a good intent. However, the developers have made it so hard for users to enjoy the game without spending real money. I know that game developers need money to survive, but pushing to this limit is just another way to turn users down. Also, the girls appearances need to be updated. Only few girls look decent, the rest look dull. At level 15, i think i had only 1 date per week even though i played every day.

There are no mini games or fun events so you and the girls could make more chemistry bond. After spending about a month on this game and reached level 15, i think it would take me a year to start seeing fun in this game. I will delete this game for now. Hope next version will be better designed. Remember, good game with a lot of users will attract revenue without having to annoy gamers. See all negative reviews. No reviews available See All Community Reviews. No reviews available See All Expert Reviews.

Fun to play Aug 31, By DH-ATL This game was a pleasant surprise. It can go a bit slowly at times I would like it to be a bit more clear how to earn additional dates. The first follow up or two seem to come quickly but then you seem to get stuck. It would be helpful to have some idea about how to unlock additional dates, without spending gems or waiting 7 days.

Also, spending gems to make certain choices seems a bit cheesy. Needs a lot of improvement Jul 16, By cyrezzzzzzz. The dates itself is amazing, the scenes and interactions are all very well done. Moreover, the missions are to hard to get to, once I hit like lvl 10, the next mission is hit lvl 13 and that takes forever, I mean forever and the other mission is to get a better job which unlocks on lvl Create more ways to generate coins Jul 7, By BLMutombo.

The task ask us to spend a lot of coin and after completing the task we get less coin back than we spent and because we need coins to level up in task when I run out.

I may not be able to play for more than a week cause the money I make from work is so little after rent and car note. See all 5 reviews. Great game, but needs balance Feb 11, By JackAce The game is great, and offers a lot to do. You are forced to spend the in game currency much faster than it can be made, and the same goes for the energy.

Without spending money, it would take weeks to level up because it takes that long just to build up in game currency enough to do activities that level the player up. As for gaining experience, that also needs a major boost.

When you have to get several thousand xp to level up at higher levels, and the most you can get at a time is 60, it is a slow process. And then it gets slower when those activities require in game money and quite a bit of energy at the same time.

If the developers fix the problem with balancing the game to make it playable without spending real money every day just to progress, then it would be a near-perfect game. Aug 18, Pretty nice and funny game. Only complaint I really have is you have somewhat of a lack of freedom, and it can be boring when waiting on the game to pick up. For examlple, waiting on dates.

Another thing is the tutorials are kind of short. I dont like tutorials, but this game kind of doesnt give you much guidance. Other than that, great! Jun 11, By John Harkins. Not quite what you think when you pick it up. I was expecting awkward choose your line and cheesy moves that you saw on flash games from the 90s and early 00s, this one actually makes you think and visualize the girl as a person and read who she is to answer appropriately.

The uplift system is boring but necessary for experience, the energy unfortunately requires too much time for the necessity needed to do repeat events, and I like the challenges but the Bumper Slider game is too easy. Jan 30, The game is fun but I can tell it needs a lot of improvements. The wait time to earn stamina is a big issue and I can't believe I'm saying this but I prefer having ads To watch earn it then having to spend money or play other games to a point.

Making money is an Issue, completing your challenges isn't worth it because you don't make as much in return for your effort and funds invested and the job you get doesn't make up for it either. Just waisting money, you have to buy coins to keep playing more. Jul 26, By newfightrr. I love the game been playing for a while now but my only issue is the lack of customization options.

Like some missions require you to buy clothes and I feel why not have more clothing options. Great game, but not realistic for progression Mar 1, By Steffayes. And if you want to progress you need to spend a lot of money for diamonds or whatever it is. Some cards take up to 24 hours to upgrade, and if you want to quicken the process you need to pay like diamonds which I think is a bit ridiculous and not very realistic.

Overall, the game is awesome and has a lot of potential. Hope they keep adding more stuff and rewards more. Sep 2, By Dale Gaus. Would rate higher, but if there are outside of app options to get in app benefits, it should be easier to verify. Had to send multiple requests for help, completed the tasks, and was still rejected despite proof. Update: email reply sent Thank you developers for the help and for listening.

Upgraded to 4 stars. See all 4 reviews. Jan 10, I did enjoy this game, but I feel it tries to get you to spend real money by having excessive wait times for progression and very low payouts for actions. At a certain point you become stagnant just trying to save in game coins and gems to complete tasks.

I've started to play this game less and less because it becomes a chore to move up in a timely fashion without spending actual money. The stuff you can pay for is expensive for very little, in my opinion. For her, half the fun is HOW you get there. Create that excitement by creating a small level of tension. The high-value man does not place his value in women — which regular PUA texting game basically espouses.

Women are attracted to high-value, and seek attention from that high-value individual. The more flowery language you use, the more she will unconsciously perceive you as being feminine, or beta. Resist the urge to text with her endlessly. Texting all day is only for relationships, and for with her Girlfriends.

You should of course have a small amount of chit-chat with her first to warm up the commincation, but always text with a purpose. She can text her girlfriends any time she wants for quick validation. You are here to show her a good time. So unless you want to be her girlfriend, or end up buying the dinners and holding her purse, you need to avoid the trap of spilling your guts as seen in 2. Be the conversation leader; not merely a participant. Always acknowledge what she says, but focus on logistics.

Get her out, or get her over. Within a few days of getting her number you should be inviting her out to a bar, or for coffee. This is perhaps the last step to really expanding your text game. It helps you space out sending your texts, focusing only on setting up logistics, and prevents too much mindless chatter. Once you master the whole game…. If you can put in the work on getting good at this, it will get so much easier.

The less of something VALUABLE you have, the more you want it. Being hard to read is interesting for this reason. Example: If someone gave you a free rolex on the street, you would think there was something wrong with it, or it was stolen. Think James Bond.

Game should always have the end goal of meeting up, or generating positive feelings about the last time you saw each other. increase options; decrease outcome dependency. At absolutely no expense to you, if you make a purchase, we RiseAboveLifestyle. com or owner may receive small commissions from links on this website. We will never recommend any products that we have not personally used. Love what you're reading? Sign up NOW to get instant updates from RiseAboveLifestyle - including content, exclusive deals, and the latest in men's personal development.

already closed ,but then later.. what is the antidote. The antidote is to keep her at a distance. You need her to want you, and keep her guessing about your level of interest. No woman will respect a man who makes themselves too easily available to her. Dude this article is as amazing it can be, so thumbs up for that👍.

Especially the third point is the most important one. I see so many dudes, losing their self-esteem, losing their value, and licking girls asses and putting them on a pedestal. Thinking that this would help to achieve their desires with this girl. Little do they know, that this is the worst thing to be done in front of not just a woman but in front of any person! By doing this, you are just sending a strong subliminal message to the other person, that they can treat you as crappy as they like.

Which is bullsh t. Cheers brother. Please tell me what should I do. Please drop your Instagram ID and help me in my inbox. But please I need help. Simple answer for you: It is too late. She will never see you differently — move on and focus on improving yourself. You cannot make a woman feel attraction. You must create it by becoming a different man. I am not good in english but there were some points that u just laughed and said to my self: i love this man talking.

Great article. Enjoyed and learned a lot. My own problem is that im not enough attractive to open and start sth. God knows how much information i have to do the rest😂.

Not that shy but simply not attractive. What ever. Im tring and you helped me. Reading you was joyfull. Excellent article and straight to the point.

I just got back to available in the dating world after splitting with a girl go was very nice but too needy. Now I am in the process of gettiing back to my routine and doing my things. I think I will reply her later in the afternoon and I am sure it will be just a cool calm wink, say hi and reconfirm the hanging out spot that we agreed.

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Skip to content Search for:  Search. Home What is R. Improve your Texting Riseabovelifestyle. Introduction PUA writers Pick-up artists at their best provide valuable information for average guys to learn to interact with and understand women.

Keep in mind — this advice is only for situations where things are going well. Create some desire. Desire is one of the main elements in any romantic or sexual relationship. I promise you, this works. Like a good movie trailer — you need to build some excitement. Check out the time stamps on this exchange. I wait 3 hours, then leave her hanging overnight. Insert details about how the information is going to be processed. i'm ready to grow. Middle Class Morality — Why You Need to Kill It to Improve Your Life.

How to Get Laid on OKCupid Part 4: Messages That Get Responses. Hey Kat, what info are you looking for — not sure from your comment. Which is bullsh t But by reading this article, I hope many men will not make this mistake. The world takes you at your own estimate, so estimate highly. Pingback: ozzo. Pingback: ip stresser. Pingback: slot Pingback: juul pods. Pingback: ถาดกระดาษ. Pingback: bergara guns for sale. Pingback: สล็อตวอเลท. Pingback: How long should you wait to text after getting a number?

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Pua Openers; These are just a handful of the popular pua routines from the book, The Game Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists. 5 Points About Learning Pua Routines. Missing: online dating game  · PUA Forum CHAT FAQ Search My Profile Videos Events Contact Us Logout. My Ultimate Guide to Online Dating. 1; 2; Next; Users browsing this forum: Bing [Bot] and 2 Firstly, one of the major parts of learning PUA is approaching women, I mean alot of women and field testing your techniques etc to get comfortable approaching. The problem with many men If you searched for 'pua forum online dating' and want to improve your dating life with women then click this link and grab yourself a FREE eBook 'How to Date Any Girl' Ignore the following 7 Steps Of Online PU 1. You need to pre-plan two things: One is a second venue to take her to if you like her. A venue change IS key. Two, I 2. Greet her, then sit down with your friends. Final Recap of All (6) Tips. 1: Take your time messaging & keep her guessing as to when you’ll message her next. (The less of something VALUABLE you have, the more you want it.) 2: ... read more

Description Hot Girls in the bar? Oct 3, This is where shit is about to get real. flag Flag as inappropriate. Be the conversation leader; not merely a participant. This can even make the difference whether girls write back to you or not.

This is a good time killer, but overall not worth it after awhile not big on mobile games anyway. OTHERWISE SHE WOULDN'T BE ONLINE ALL THE TIME. Stories: Your Choice adults. Pingback: buycialisonline. Start the romance and learn all the pick up lines that you can use in real life! She is wearing a push up bra or has had breast implants to look that good, online dating game pua. Sign Out.